Zonnepaneel pakket (installatie)


Solar Panel kit is good to install a solar panel. The package is made so that you can decide how many panels you need. One solar panel has in fact need one converter and a set of mounting hardware. Order this package as much as you need solar panels.


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Solar Panel Package includes:

  • 1x SolarWorld Sunmodule protect SW280
  • 1x Enphase M250 micro inverter
  • 1x portrait Enphase cable 230V
  • 1x Solar panel Construct 1



Solar Sunmodule Protect SW 280 mono black

  • 10 year product warranty
  • 30 year linear power warranty
  • in the 1st year, not less than 97% of the nominal power
  • guaranteed maximum power reduction of only 0.35% per year
  • Guaranteed output of 90% after 21 years
  • guaranteed equity of at least 86.85% after 30 years
  • Extremely long life through the use of glass on the front and back of the solar panel
  • Embedding of the solar cells in glass-glass for optimal protection from mechanical stress and from external influences
  • The light transmittance of the black solar panel applications it expands and opens new perspectives for aesthetic roof integration


Enphase M250-72 micro-inverter

  • Built for rapid and safe installation
  • Best quality in its class, with the best warranty, 20 year warranty
  • Greater energy yield, even at a lower light intensity
  • Peak power: 258W AC
  • . Recommended max input power: 310W
  • Use Range: 16-60 V
  • 95.7% EU efficiency
  • Peak efficiency 96.3%
  • Warranty: 20 years
  • Module Compatibility: 60- and 72-cell modules
  • Conformity: AS4777, C10 / 11, CEI_0-21, EN50438, EN62109-1, EN62109-2, ERDF NOI-RES_13E_V5, G59 / 2, G83 / second, VDE-0126-1-1 + A1, VDE AR-N 4105





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